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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nebraska Recruiting / Shawn Watson Update

**UPDATE** The Lincoln Journal-Star (via the "Life In The Red" blog, which we mentioned was really good earlier this week) is reporting that Shawn Watson has turned down an offer to become Alabama's Offensive Coordinator. I am sure this was quite tempting from a monetary standpoint--it is reported that Nick Saban will pay his OC in the neighborhood of $400K, or almost double what Watson is making. This is fantastic news, friends. Landing Will Compton is good news and all, but Watson sticking around as OC next year is much bigger--in my opinion, anyway. I'm really getting excited about 2008...

So 4-star Missouri recruit Will Compton is supposed to announce his final choice for where he will be playing football at today. Compton originally committed to the Huskers under Bill Callahan, but since he got fired, he has been taking official visits elsewhere.

Word around the campfire is that Compton will be sticking with his Nebraska pledge. While I don't think he is the defensive messiah that people on message boards apparently do, it is a big pledge because it takes him away from Mizzou. Not to mention he was being recruited by big-time names like Notre Dame and Michigan.

It seems as though Bo Pelini's staff has weathered the storm of decommitts that started right after Bo was hired to come back strong on some guys, not to mention bring some guys into the fold that were not being really recruited before.

Here's to another strong recruit, and many more to come!

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It's official, Compton is N
Its good to know that somebody actually cares about college football recruiting. Here in Iowa they don't even talk about it on the local radio shows. All they talk about is the basketball team. Its really weirding me out that people care more about the current basketball season than next year's football. It just isn't natural.
Actually, deuce, I think it may be the other way around.

Anyways, glad our info was correct...looks like Heavy Soul is 2-2 on Husker info, eh?
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