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Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Opening Day Eve!

Just like when I was a kid at Christmas, knowing Santa will have come along and left toys by the tree, the anticipation is at a level that is quite high: it's the night before Opening Day!

(Note: I officially hate MLB with their ridiculous "Opening Series-In Japan!," "Opening Night," and then "Opening Day." It's insane. Fire Joe Morgan may not care, but I say that Opening Day should be the same every year: the first game of the year takes place in Cincinatti, as it did for several decades before this "let's have an opening series start in Japan, end in Oakland, but then still market the first night game and the first round of day games like it's the first!")

ANYWAYS, with Opening Day comes another wonderful and honored tradition: running up unimaginable tabs at Barrett's!

It should be another fun day with the Heavy Soul crew at Barrett's--it's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow. Where else would you rather hole up and avoid the weather? Not to mention watching a few games of baseball? It's going to be fun, friends.

I believe people will be arriving around 12:30 or so. We will be drinking and dining in the basement of Barrett's. Tiger was nice enough to set it up so we should have it to ourselves, and I believe we arranged to have a few coolers stocked waiting for us.

I hope everyone that can will make it. It wil be another great day, and another fabulous season of Major League Baseball--this year with less steriods!

See you tomorrow.

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I hope nobody left a comment because they're already down at Barretts....

Come on! It's Opening Day! Hope springs eternal? Anyone?
I know I have had a hard-on all day.
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