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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why Mayfield Is A Flaming Douche Bag: A 1,508th Look

Your stupid post doesn't deserve a response, but I suppose I'm a sucker.

You showed me. Soriano is having a way better year. Forget the fact that Berkman is almost batting .400 while chasing the triple crown (has that ever happened?), Soriano’s 4 homeruns in 3 games against the worst pitching team in baseball is by far more impressive.

Let's take a look at Berkman's May 6-11th POW pitching opponents:

Washington: Hill, 0-1, 4.08 ERA
Perez, 1-4, 4.34
Lannan, 4-4, 3.40
Los Angeles: Lowe, 2-4, 5.34 ERA
Bilingsley, 3-5, 4.34
Kuroda, 1-3, 3.67

TOTALS: 11-21, 4.20 average ERA

Soriano's, last week:

San Diego: Wolf, 2-3, 5.16 ERA
Estes, 1-0, 2.57
Peavy, 4-3, 2.91 (**Unanimous Cy Young Winner, 2007)
Maddux, 3-4, 3.98
Pittsburgh: Gorzelanny, 3-4, 6.64 ERA
Duke, 2-2, 4.23
Dumatrait, 1-2, 4.39

TOTALS: 16-18, 4.26 average ERA

Now wins/losses don't have much to do with anything--see Peavy and his non-existent run-support--but ERA is still a decent overall look at the pitcher. And it would appear that they basically faced the exact same pitching. So to write it off as facing "the worst pitching team in baseball" is, predictably, short-sided and short on research, because your boy did the same thing. And against virtually the same pitching, while taking streaks into consideration--which is what we were doing all along, not the entire season, fucko--Soriano was better.

"Lots of funny things here," too.

Forget the fact that Berkman is almost batting .400 while chasing the triple crown (has that ever happened?),

D-Lee says, "Damn, that Mayfield is dumber than a box of rocks--doesn't he remember this ESPN cover?

It has happened. In 2004. For a Chicago Cub...(taken from the Astro's/MLB's Berkman POW Press Release):

The four-time N.L. All-Star's .682 batting average was the highest over a six-game span for a player with at least 20 at-bats since Derrek Lee of the Cubs hit .750 from June 17-23, 2004.

D-Lee was a Triple Crown candidate most of 2005, hitting .400 in the months of April and June that season. He also ended up with over 40 home runs. He came up slightly short in the three major categories over the course of the entire season, but yes, there have been players recently that have had as great of a season as Fatman. And they play for the Cubs.

First of all, it’s May. Second of all, it’s 2.5 games.

3.5 games, bitch.

Why? What does that prove? If your guy is fatter, why try and distort the numbers? The season isn’t even 2 months old, why not pull their numbers for the entire season?

Because, you illiterate fuck, I was comparing their two POW stats. And I did not realize Berkman had two; searching for "Player of the Week" on MLB.com only came up with the one he won in April. Even if I did, their numbers are still comparable:

Soriano: .516 BA, .516 OBP, 7 HR, 14 RBI, 1.258 Slugging, 39 TB
Berkman (May 6-11): .682 BA, .741 OBP, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 1.136 Slug, 25 TB

Soooooooo....batting average and OBP wins, I guess. And the reason I was just using those stats is because you were arguing that Berkman was the hottest player in baseball. Fact of the matter was right after you posted that, Soriano got hotter than Berkman was. No one said that Soriano was having a better year, nor that he was a better player. Rather, I was giving you and your shitty shit shit team shit. And, predictably, you go off the deep end and whine as you do any time someone talks shit about the Astros.

Also, Berkman's hot streak kept rolling last night against the Cubs, didn't it?

Berkman: 0-4, 3K, 4 LOB

At this time last year, of the three teams leading their division (LA, NY, MIL) none of them made the playoffs. 2.5 games in May. Guess the Astros should pack it in. There is no way they can make up that comfy 2.5 games with 120 games remaining. Impossible.

Apparently only you can cherry-pick numbers? So the Astros probably-won't-happen-again climb from 15 games under .500 to World Series is your big backbone to your argument? Well done. Why not look at relevant team stats?

Cubs: .286 BA (including pitchers!), .372 OBP, 117 OPS+ (!!), .450 SLG, +76 Run Differential (!!!), 121 ERA+ (!!!!!!)
Astros: .263 BA, .323 OBP, 100 OPS, .422 SLG, +9 Run Differential (!), 94 ERA+

So, let's see...the Cubs are better than the Astros in every single significant category. Particularly with a 117 OPS+ (2nd best in majors, behind Boston's 122), 121 ERA+ (3rd in majors, behind ARI and CLE), and their +76 Run Differential is the best in the majors by 20 RUNS!

Yes, it is May. There's a ton of baseball left, and considering we're talking about the Cubs, I'm sure that there's injuries galore to come along. However, all of the gaudy offensive stats included Soriano doing nothing/being hurt the first almost 2 months. And the pitching stats also include Ted Lilly's dead arm, Bob Howry's puke-inducing pitching, and Rich Hill completely imploding--three of the four or five most reliable pitchers from last season playing like shit, and they still have a Top 3 or 4 pitching staff in the majors.

Not to mention if you look at Baseball Prospectus' PECTOA odds, you see the Cubs ending the season with a 95-67 record--better than their current .562 winning percentage. And your Astros, sitting at 76-86, good for 5th place in the Central. In fact, that would place the Cubs with the best NL record and only 2 games behind the Red Sox' best projected record in baseball. The Astros....well, not so much.

In summary, I was simply comparing Soriano's and Berkman's recent hot streaks. And pointing out that the Cubs are a superior team to the Astros, as well as most of MLB. As what has come to have been expected from you, a whiny, self-aggrandizing bitch of a post was thrown up, denigrating Heavy Soul and her reputation. And because "eat it" left you so sad and offended, I'll end with this:

Suck on my shit.

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Pete pointed out to me that this post sounded mean. Let it be known that Mayfield is not, in fact, an "illiterate fuck."

Just slow.

I hope that makes it nicer.
You really expect me to read this monster of a post after the dumb stuff you been rattling off? Well I didn't, cause I prefer to read stats that mean something and are not pulled to make someones favorite player look good. You seem to still not see how stupid it is to say, "Berkman is okay, but look at the week Soriano has had." Soriano may have had one better week, but guess what? His numbers are laughable when put next to Berkman's.
But as I was scrolling down I did notice 2 things. One, you mentioned Jake Peavy as the unanimous Cy Young. That is true. I'm assuming you were trying to point out how Soriano tagged him for a homerun. Did you also mention that he was suffering from swelling and a strained muscle in his pitching elbow and went on the DL following the game? I doubt it. If you did, I apologize. Secondly I saw the picture of D-Lee so I imagine you said something ridiculous about him going after the triple crown and batting .400. D-Lee batted .335 that year. That's a great AVG, but again thats not even close to .400.
Either way, it's good to be arguing baseball (even if it is with someone who pulls retarded stats and can't appreciate what someone is doing unless they are a Cub)and watching the Astro's this year has been a real treat. We need Roy to stop having the worst year of his Career , we need Wandy back, and we need one more quality arm.
It is stunning how ignorant you can be.

After you admit to not reading it, you then try to argue with what I wrote.

You guys are both douche bags. Just kiss and make up. Stop flooding the blog with a two person pissing match that nobody else really gives two shits about. Berkman's got inhuman numbers and Soriano's good, we get it.
Your post is like 100,000 words. And you are the most biased fan in the history of fans. If I read it, it would just make me lose more time over showing you how dumb your stats are.

Look at this:

Berkman from May 3 to May 10

.740 AVG .767 OBP 2.13 OPS

Soriano from March 31st to April 6

.077 AVG .220 OPS .143 OBP

See how I did that. See how it really doesn't mean anything?
WOW. I read your post.

First off, I’m glad I waited till after the series between the Cub’s and Astro’s was over cause If I had read this after game 1 I probably would have had to point out ALL the inaccuracies which would have taken forever and would have led to Mike writing the first 1,000,000 word post full of even more name calling and irrelevant stats.

Secondly, when did this become a debate on which team is better, and which batter is hotter. I never said the Astro’s are better than the Cub’s. Not once. Yet half of your post was dedicated to stats comparing the Cubs and Astro’s. Where did that come from? I was poking fun of you thinking being ahead in May by 2.5 games meant something. It had nothing to do with the Cub’s or Astro’s, it’s just common baseball knowledge that you can’t win a division in May so bragging and acting like you won a trophy about being ahead by such a small lead just seemed ridiculous to me. The Cub’s have a solid squad, you don’t have to be so insecure about them.

And I was never comparing who had a hotter week. Again, I was trying to point out how stupid your comparison was. I posted that Berkman was leading or second in every major offensive category except triples and steals through the first quarter of the season. And you followed that with two posts taking jabs and claiming Soriano was better because he had one great week. You titled your post, “Our Guy is Fatter”. It didn’t say anything about “Our guy is fatter for this short time period compared to Berkman over this separate short time period”. Plus add in the fact that the stats you posted were only about 2/3 of Berkman’s actual numbers for the time period you listed and even you have to admit that’s pretty shitty. Think if Soriano was doing what Berkman is and I tried telling you Berkman is better cause he had one better week and then drastically cut Soriano’s stats. Your head would have exploded. Look at how upset you get when I use accurate and relevant stats.
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