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Monday, June 16, 2008


It is June 16, and the Chicago Cubs are 20 GAMES ABOVE .500. This hasn't happened pre-All Star break since 1977 for the Cubbies.

The Cubs still have the best Runs Scored/Runs Allowed ratio in baseball, and by a lot.

(SIDE NOTE: Bill James is a genius. His pythagorean winning percentage--which uses runs scored and runs scored against to come up with a predicted record is crazy. Using the PWP with the Cubs, it comes up with EXACTLY what their record is. Amazing.)

Since May 9th, they have won over 70% of their games.

They haven't lost 2 games in a row all season--the only team in baseball to accomplish this feat.

Being as objective as possible about it, the Cubs are the best team in baseball.

So what is this asshat's problem? What "objective" writer would even consider ranking the Red Sox higher than the Cubs?

Oh. J.D. Drew has been hot for a week and a half. And David Ortiz is a U.S. citizen now.

Well, that explains why the Red Sox should be ranked ahead of the Cubs in SI's Power Rankings.

I understand that these Power Rankings literally mean nothing, and it's all about who has the best record at the end of the year--especially for home field advantage in the World Series. (Wait, that doesn't matter anymore either?)

I guess it is just disappointing that Sports Illustrated would pull an ESPN here. And it's disappointing that SI would put a kid who just three years ago was still writing columns about how kids should be learning how to be kickers instead of playing other positions on the football field because college kickers suck. Or something like that. Anyone that uses "futbol" in an article about Football loses all credibility for me, anyway. And questions like "Has football begun losing its best legs to the increasingly popular sport of soccer?" are ridiculous, even if you are attempting to write a fairly ridiculous article. The answer is no. No, no, no, a thousand times no. Idiot.

ANYWAY....the Cubs are the best team in baseball. Still.

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I'm actually glad to see all this stuff, to see that this world offers creativity and ideas other than what my lonesome small town provides.
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