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Monday, June 23, 2008

More Cubs vs. White Sox: The Series That Made Chicago Love Jim Edmonds?

Short answer: shit no.

Longer answer follows, from the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse:

While I’m not totally convinced Jim Edmonds isn’t here to destroy us, hitting two homeruns against the hated Sox in a “meaningless” series is sure going to help his popularity around Wrigleyville. In no way do I now “like” Edmonds, I just hate him a little less.

Couldn't have said it better. Hales and I were having this conversation last night, and I know that I've had it with several people, but here's the hypothetical:

Question: What if "Jimmy" Edmonds hit the walk-off homer in Game 7 of the World Series? Would you still hate him.

Answer: Yes. I, and Cub fans all around the world, would owe him a debt of gratitude. And we would all cherish that moment for as long as we lived. But a vag-sac is a vag-sac, no matter how you paint it. You may paint it Cubbies blue and red, but the thing still smells terrible.

All that said, the series sweep was more than enjoyable. It bumped the Cubs up to 13 victories in June (13-7 overall) in possibly the toughest month of the season. Not bad when you consider Soriano breaking his hand, Big Z getting hurt (and pitching like shit the 2 games before being put on the DL), and you haven't had your best pinch hitter in Darryl Ward. Add to the fact that Derrek Lee and--especially--Aramis Ramriez are both heating up considerably, and things look pretty good.

So here we are. It's June 24th, the Cubs are 20 games over .500, and still sitting there with the best record in baseball--by 2 full games, mind you. 4.5 games above the "still hanging around" Cardinals. And still flexin' strong nuts with that incredible +112 run differential. I guess things like this happen when 2 of your biggest question marks going into the season--Kerry Wood switching to closer and former closer Ryan Dempster switching to starter--are both currently #3 and #4 on ESPN's Cy Young Predictor. (I had never seen this page before, by the way. Another bit I picked up from the Goat Riders.)

Finally, I'll get to see this baseball juggernaut in person next weekend at The Cell. I'll be sure to bring some 40 ouncers and used tires that we can burn outside the stadium. Can't wait!

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I would think Edmonds hitting the game 7 winner would make you hate him more. It would prove that the Cubs couldn't win a series without a former Cardinal showing them how it is done.
I still want the "no pepper" shirt.
Touche, napa. Touche.

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