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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pete's NFL Picks: Independence Day Edition

Well, not really, but I do want to take a few to discuss the news of the day, which is quite obviously Brett Favre's alleged comeback. Also, read this to get in the July 4th mood. I found it quite striking some of the differences between Big Daddy Drew's breakdown and what ours would look like, although they both include The Hold Steady.

Anyway, back to the Favre thing. Most of the reaction I have seen from my boy MJD and various blog commenters is broken down as such:

1. How could he do this to the Packers?

2. Enough already.

3. Just go away.

My response to this, generally, is as such:

1. Are you fucking serious?

I mean, what is really the downside here, for all parties involved? Favre had his best year in a decade last year and can clearly still bring it. His family wants him to play. John Madden can emerge from his coma (wait, scratch that). His team is good (more on this later). His legacy is intact. If he has the desire (I refuse to call it an "itch"), than he has very little to lose and if the Pack win the Super Bowl, a hell of a lot to gain.

For the Packers, they get a living legend back for one more year. They can win the Super Bowl with Favre, but not with the recently clean-cut Aaron Rodgers. They are loaded at every position except QB, and immediately become the favorite in the NFC with Favre. The only thing they stand to lose is the psyche of Aaron Rodgers, which is probably already destroyed from the last four years of this. The team, according to Al Harris, my 2nd favorite NFL player, wants him back.

For the NFL, they get the most popular player of my lifetime and possibly NFL history to lace them up for a year. It's a great storyline heading into camp. As it is, all they've been talking about is rookie salaries, Pac-Man Jones and Chad Johnson. I think they would love this angle.

The age we live in is so snarky and cynical that all the joy has been sucked out of sports. Even 15 years ago, when MJ came out of his gambling suspension and unretired, he was welcomed back with open arms. I understand that one can grow tired of the mythic proportions and attention thrown Favre's way over the years, I can agree that he has been elevated by the likes of Madden to ridiculousness. I've been known to engage in the type of cynicism and snarkiness when it comes to sports but it's mindboggling in this case. What about Favre coming back isn't better for the NFL or its fans? Who really loses if he plays? If you hate him, you get to root for Jared Allen or Tommie Harris to paralyze him. If you like Favre, you get one more year to enjoy the shit that he does. If you like the Packers, you're team is instantly better. Anyone disagree?

However, he is a legend, he is interesting, polarizing, an old school hero like Ruth, Payton, or Mantle, immortal and down to earth at the exact same time, and the face of the NFL for the last 15 years, and rightfully so. Favre playing is good for the Packers, NFL fans, and the NFL itself.

What am I missing?

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Is your first favorite player still David Carr?

In regards to your post, I would have to agree with you on this one. I think peoples' hatred is misguided; people get sick of hearing about Brett Farve --> they hate Brett Farve.

Can't we all just come together and agree we actually hate ESPN?

Lastly: the Throwgasm 4th of July is, predictably, awesome.
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