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Friday, August 01, 2008

We're The Mighty Bulldogs....

Here it is, friends: the big 10 year reunion is upon us. Yes, it has been--amazingly--10 long years since we last roamed the esteemed halls of North Platte Senior High School. I personally haven't been back for a while, and am looking forward to seeing what a guy who goes around and opens Ruby Tuesday's for a living called "a rough, dirty town." Couldn't have said it better.

*Side note: does anyone know why they called it "North Platte Senior High School?" I mean, it's not like we had a junior high school.

It should be a fun weekend, as it sounds like the attendance is going to be higher than I thought it would be. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

A few quick links...

--The Cubs--fresh off their 31-11 combined score, four-game complete SPANKING of the Brewers, now sit 5 games ahead of second place in the NL Central. In fact, the Cubbies simply need to finish 1 game over .500 the rest of the season to get to 92 wins, which should probably have them win the division, and at the least get the Wild Card. But the way they're playing, the term "Wild Card" only enters my big melon when I'm thinking about the Brewers. The more likely scenario would put them at 9 or 10 games over .500 for the rest of the season, which would have them at the 96-97 win mark, which should comfortably win the division for them. This team is legit, and if Dick Harden stays healthy, they should be the odds-on favorites to win the NL.

--It sounds like the Cubs aren't the only people who have a winning team and are getting unruly. Apparently Twins fans--who I always thought needed a cattle prod shock to wake them up during games--got a little unruly last night en route to beating the White Sox.

--More baseball: a good roundup from Deadspin in regards to how everyone in the media got scooped in regards to the Manny to the Dodgers deal yesterday. Pretty amusing.

--This video is unbelievably awesome: it's Michael Jordan at some recent basketball camp, and let's people know about what he thinks of Kobe. Some kid asks him who would win one-on-one, Jordan vs. Kobe, and he says "in my prime, not even close." He then proceeds to hit a ton of shots in a row, embarrasses white kids one on one, and it's all done to "Homecoming" by Kanye West. So yeah, I'd say this video is right in the ol' wheelhouse.

I've got to run...see some of you tonight.

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I'm sad I'm going to miss it. Tell everyone hi for me and that I'll see them at the 25 reunion.
I'm gonna need a good round up of this weekend for comedy's sake please.
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