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Monday, September 15, 2008


The Astros officially went 15 consecutive innings against the Cubs without getting a hit between last night and this afternoon.


UPDATE: The game is over. Houston managed *one* hit. In two games. Cubs win, 6-1. Ted Lilly gets 9 K's, gives up 1 hit, and 0 ER.

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The guy in DA Bears hat looks like the guy who use to own Dort's Bar
Holy crap, he totally does. That's pretty funny.
Way to piss bad karma all over the Cubs. Can't wait for them to leave the playoffs early. But congrats on stealing a home game away and taking 2 games from the Round Rock Express.

Deep down you must know the Cubs are gonna fail. You're treating these victories over a banged up Astro's team like it is your World Series. Not a good sign.
No, I am treating them as such because:

1. It is the first no-hitter for a Cub player in my lifetime.
2. It almost happened on consecutive days, which has never happened. Not even two guys playing on completely different teams. There has never been two straight days with no-hitters being thrown, and it almost happened for the Cubs.

Sorry if I get excited about seeing things in baseball that I've never seen before. And sorry if Cubs fans are excited to see their team right the ship after their worst stretch of baseball of the season, and did so against the hottest team in baseball. Oh, and:

3. Because all this happened against the Astros. The Cubs were already in the playoffs before these games. I just found it hilarious that it was against the Astros.

Oh, and I happen to remember that you were dismissing some Cubs victories back in April or May, talking about how no one cares, it's early in the season, get back to you in September when it counts.


You were bragging about being 1 game ahead in May. That's what I was making fun of. As a D-bag Cub fan, you get over excited about meaningless things like being in first in May by a single game. That's what I was making fun of.

And you just seem a little too excited. The Astros just went through a hurricane, just had the commisioner fuck them, had to fly on short notice to Wrigley North where there decimated lineup got shut down by a Jacked up Cubs team. Good Job. I think it deserves another five post at least.
I feel bad for the Astro's players and families, and anyone else in Houston for that matter. It's too bad baseball wasn't a little more sensitive to the situation.
Selig is a fuck. It's hard to even think of ways he could have made this situation any worse. Maybe he could have given the Cubs a 3 run lead to start the game. Or only let the Astro’s play with 2 outfielders. Or all righties have to bat lefty and vice versa. Wait, that last one might have actually happened.
I feel bad for the people of Houston, not a bunch of millionaire baseball players who are paid said millions to perform whether or not they have a home game or a road game.

I'm pretty sure those guys are going to be OK, especially when you consider the fact that most of those guys have houses in their hometowns and generally rent townhouses in the cities they live in.

And mayfield, considering the Cubs haven't been out of first place since then, I would hardly call it "meaningless."
Lastly: For you to dog Cubs fans for the season they're having is ridiculous. This is the best or second-best team they have had in 100 years. I'd say that Cub fans have earned the right to be excited about possibly the best season they have ever witnessed.

Regardless of what happens in the postseason, this is the best summer of baseball I've ever had the pleasure of watching, and I certainly do not feel bad about being excited about it.

The Astros got screwed, but at the same time, if your d-bag owner wouldn't have refused to move the series before Friday, maybe they would have had more time to find a more neutral site. I'd be just as mad at my greedy-ass owner as I would be Selig. He refused to postpone the series, and refused to have it moved until it was plainly clear that his city was in shambles.
That's not true at all. I have read qoutes from almost all the players talking about how scary it was leaving their families behind in a city that just got destroyed by a hurricane. They didn't decide to move this game until after the hurricane. By that point they had no power, water, most streets were blocked, and the airports were closed.

But GA is right, these guys have money. Things like a hurricane can't possible hurt them. Oh, and having a one game lead in May is highly important. Probably the most important thing ever. No one has ever lost a one game lead in May. As long as your up the first 42 games of the year, you don't even have to worry about the last 120. It's science.
Who said Cubs fans can’t be excited about their season? Are you still talking to me? I said YOU were a little to excited about a no-hitter. Especially when you look at everything surrounding that game.
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