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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Couldn't Happen To A Better Team!

Congrats to Big Z on no-hitting the Astros!

Enjoy some playoff-free baseball, Kyle!

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This game was bullshit. Let's give the team with the best record another home game. That's fair. I guess MLB figured it wasn't a big deal seeing how badly the Astro's beat up on the Cubs last week at Wrigley.
What about it was bullshit? The fact that no one for the Astros could get a hit?

Yes, it was basically a home game for the Cubs. But moving a game to Miller Park doesn't take away from the fact that Carlos Zambrano straight dominated the hottest team in baseball.
What's Bullshit? How about the fact that the Astro's are only 2 games back of the Wild Card after this loss and they just had to play a home game against the Cubs only 90 miles away from Chicago.
I'm curious...personally, I'm still as excited about the no-hitter right now as I was last night.

Do you still have that depressed feeling?

I'm guessing you do...
What depressing feeling? Despite being banged up and having home games stripped from them, they are still in the playoff race. They are still playing meaningful games in Sept. which is all you can ask for.
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