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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Encore, Part II

You know what that "E" stands for on Houston's line there? (Click picture to enlarge)


You know what the t-shirts and champagne represent?


Back to back, bitches!

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= about as meaningful as "Big XII North Champions."

Let us know when the Cubs actually win something important...
^^ Yeah, because the NL Central was just terrible this year.
Come on, the Royals have an outside shot at 4th place and this is what we're talking about? Some teams still have things to play for out there.
Yes, and everyone in huskerland would be thrilled to win a big XII north championship this year.

Don't let'm steal your thunder GA.

BTW, is that Adam LaRoche in that picture getting champaigne spilled on him? How did he get in there? Is he spending his time on the DL masterminding how to get in on other teams victory celebrations?
Adam LaRoche..LOL.

And I'm still cheering for a Cross City Matchup here, Napa.

And for the douche that left the first comment...you're a Red Sox fan, aren't you?
Congrats. Hopefully you don't get swept in the first round. You know, like last year.
Still better than not making it. You know, like for the Astros last year. Or the year before.
If I had a choice between not making it or getting swept in the first round I would probably lean towards not making it. Sweeps hurt. And if you end your season with zero playoff victories what's the difference?

But seriously good luck. Maybe Big Z will get his first playoff victory.
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