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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Tunnel Walk, Vol. II, Issue IV, Battle for the Missouri-Nebraska Bell

Did anyone know about this rivalry trophy until it was featured on NCAA Football? The Tunnel Walk didn't think so. The Mighty Cornhuskers hold a large advantage of the Tigers in the win column, but the teams have alternated wins since 1996, which bodes well for the Big Red. Here's what Wikipedia.org has to say about it:

The tradition dates back to 1892, when the bell was taken from a church in Seward, Nebraska by members of Nebraska fraternities Phi Delta Theta and Delta Tau Delta. At the time, the members of the two fraternities occupied the same house. When the two groups moved into separate houses, there was a dispute over who should keep the bell. Annual scholastic or athletic contests were held, with the bell being used as a trophy. This rivalry abated, yet still the ownership of the bell was left in question.
In 1926, the athletic director at Missouri,
Chester D. Brewer, suggested an annual award be established for the annual Missouri-Nebraska football game. The bell was selected to be the prize to end the conflict between the fraternities, and an 'M' and an 'N' were engraved on opposite sides of the bell. The exchange was coordinated by the Innocents Society and Missouri’s prestigious Q.E.B.H. Society. Missouri won the first game in 1927 7-6, and the scores from the games are engraved on the bell stand until 1954. In 2005, the scores were updated to the current date.

The Recruit Files:

Already Committed: Brent Qvale, OT. 6-7, 300lbs. Williston, ND. Hailing from The Future Mrs. Deuce's alma mater, Qvale is in the mold of the offensive lineman of the glory years of the 1990s. Qvale is a 2/3-star O-Lineman that NU was the first to offer a scholarship. Iowa and Wisconsin were quick to follow. He's the type of lightly touted lineman that Boyd Epley used to plant in the weight room and training table for a couple of years and then let Uncle Milt Tenopir harvest a few All-Conference years from. In news of the obvious nature, Qvale also serves as the Coyotes' starting center on the basketball team. The Tunnel Walk has it in good confidence that Qvale is also a fine curler on the ice. It is somewhat possible that Qvale could compete for a place on the U.S.A. Men's Curling team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. While this does show the big man's agility, it could also cut into Strength Coach James Dobson's off-season workout routine during Qvale's very important second season in the program. Details to come, stay tuned to Heavy Soul.

Wishlister: Corey Serrano, Athlete. 6-1, 200 lbs. North Platte, NE. The latest in a long line of gritty athletes to come from the halls of NPHS in the last decade. Serrano is not rated by either major service, but neither was Jim Brown or Walter Payton. The Tunnel Walk hears your questions about why Serrano is included under the "Wishlister" section of The Recruit Files and will not dignify your question with a response. Actually, we will. The reason Corey Serrano is included on The Tunnel Walk's wishlist is the same reason that brought Jordan Alegria, Kade Pittman, Jack O'Holleran, and Matt Albertson to Nebraska. It's for Matt Holt and Matt O'Hanlon, Jarvis Redwine and Joel Makovicka. It's for every Cornhusker punter since the punt was invented. It's because boys in Nebraska don't grow up dreaming of playing for Creighton. Short story long, Corey Serrano is the type of homegrown athlete that is the marrow of the Big Red. And he's a Mighty Bulldog. Intangibles aside, Serrano has the size (6-1, 200), speed (4.6 40), athleticism (32-inch vertical jump/250 bench press/315 squat), and most importantly smarts (plays both ways; excelled at RB as junior, moved to QB as a senior to run spread offense) to make an impact for the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Varsity Tackle Football Team.

"You Know Who You Look Like...?"

This week's YKWYLL matches Number 80 in your programs, Number 1 in your hearts: reserve tight end Ryan Hill against everyone's favorite emosexual (The Tunnel Walk is working on a copywright for that term) little brother Todd Cleary from Wedding Crashers (Keir O'Donnell). Keir also showed up in last night's episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as the lovable European sexcapader, Jan. Note the disheveled hair and the menacing glare, not unlike an injured alley cat backed into a corner. The Tunnel Walk is seeking confirmation on Hill's painting hobbies.

This week in Dorothy Lynch.

Being well versed in the world of moving from one cookie cutter apartment complex to another, The Tunnel Walk offers this tip for those facing the move:

When making the move, it is important to pay special attention to your refrigerator. Be sure to consume or throw out any perishables such as fresh fruits and vegetables and leftovers. Put all of your condiments, inlcuding your Dorothy Lynch, into a plastic grocery bag for easy access. You can leave the bag in the old fridge until you're ready to take it to the new Frigidaire. While wrapping up your main source of DL is all well and good, it does leave you without orange yummie.

Picture this scenario: It's moving day and you've just ordered pizza (the number one moving meal of all-time) and realize you don't have the Orange Creamy Dreamsauce to drizzle over that taco pizza. Sounds like a job for the 8 0z. mighty mite! Remember, lift with your legs and not your back.

Top 5 Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Blowout

1. Build a beeramid.

2. Teach a cat to play fetch.

3. Count your blessings that you don't cheer for an Iowa school.

4. While listening to the game on the radio, drive around looking for a pickup football game with some neighborhood kids. Blare the game on your car's bumping sound system and take over the reins as all-time QB. Institute "5 Mississippi Rule." Continue to fuel your delusions of grandeur by implementing your version of the Spread.

5. During the fourth quarter, go to your local Hy-Vee and find an animal that most closely resembles your opponents' mascot and put it on the chopping block and make a nice stew.

Prediction Time:

In a tribute to Paul Newman, The Tunnel Walk is going out on a limb and predicting a strong fight from the underdog Huskers. Much like Cool Hand Luke himself, the Huskers are a scrappy bunch that need to use perserverance to stay in the contest with the #3 Tigers. Picture Bo Pelini as Fast Eddy Felson, first in The Hustler and then in The Color of Money. Like Felson in the former, Pelini is brash and very talented, but young and green. In the latter, Pelini must use Felson's guile and craftiness to keep up with Mizzou.

The odds appear to be stacked against the Big Red. The Huskers have had much difficulty establishing the run, which they must do to keep Mizzou's potent offense, and perhaps more importantly NU's defense, off of the field. Maybe Shawn Watson has kept some big plays in the playbook. Hopefully. Same goes for the defense. Despite having some of the conference's best defensive players in Stryker Sulak and William Moore, Mizzou hasn't been overly dominant. The Tunnel Walk expects a shootout.

Final Score: Mizzou 42, NU 31.

From The Tunnel Walk, hail varsity.

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1. Never thought the MIB would be held speechless.
2. Never thought it would be caused by the mighty Tigers.
3. Also never thought I'd see the day I feared losing to Mizzou at home.
Didn't the alternate wins start happening in 2002? 2003 seemed like the first time they beat us in a while, that night game at Mizzou, in the rain, Brad Smith beat Jammal in the 4th quarter...I miss Jammal.
Thanks for the "shout out" to ol' Williston High School, MIB. However, Brent Qvale is actually Brent QUALE. Went to HS with his big bro. :) GO COYOTES!!

-Future Mrs. Deuce
well they may have embarrassed us but look what Chase Daniel did in his downtime at last years game. At least and I can get some solice out of last nights debacle.

sorry I forgot to add the link
Amazing post, keep it up.
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