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Monday, December 08, 2008

Ron Santo - Hall of Famer?

There are a lot of things that can be said about Ron Santo--fighter, ambassador of the game, hilarious announcer, unabashed homer, the king of unintentional comedy--but one thing that cannot be said is "hall of famer." I have always thought this was kind of a shame, but not the worst thing ever. His numbers are certainly worthy of the Hall, but they certainly toe the line.

Well, that is, until possibly now: this report is saying that Ronnie got in through the Veteran's Committee today along with Joe Torre and Dick Allen. Who knows how legit this report can be, but that would be pretty cool.

In addition: I would give up my salary for a month to be in the same room as Santo when he gets the call. The comedy of that moment would be through the roof, although I legitimately worry that the shock might just kill the guy.

So let's hope the report is true, and congrats to Ron Santo, one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever had the chance to meet.

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Sorry bud.

Just saw that.

I don't understand how he can fall well short when he was over 70% last time. It's a damn shame.

I don't know how you can vote on other players with a veterans committee that is so egotistical and hold so much distain for others. Santo was absolutely one of the best 3rd basemen in the game--if not the best--for a decade. When he retired, he had the second-most home runs of all third-basemen. So in other words, he was the second-best power-hitting third baseman EVER, and he had Gold Gloves to go along with his offensive numbers.

It just makes no damn sense.
I like the way you think. Give me some more.
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