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Monday, January 05, 2009

Nico Is Dead

In Omaha news: Club Nico closes February 16th. Pour out some liquor for the lamest place in Omaha. Unless you like Goth Parties:

Yikes. What will Omaha do without their "Wicked Goth Balls?"

(By the way, the answer to that would be "become a better city.")

Apparently their MySpace page says they aren't closing, but that's not what their vendors are saying.

Pete, where are you going to take Steve Francis next time he's in town?

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I had "Wicked Goth Balls" once. Had a shot of pencelin and it cleared it right up
I get my Goose on at Nomad these days, duh.
On a more somber note, the Goofy Foot has shut their doors as well
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