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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The Chicago Cubs, on this, the Day of Our Lord August 1, in the year 2007, have overtaken the Brewers of Milwaukee in the position of FIRST PLACE by defeating the Phillies of Philadelphia 5-4 in dramatic fashion.

Yes. You read that right, dear reader: The Chicago Cubs are in FIRST PLACE. In August. Now put those two sentences together. The Chicago Cubs are in FIRST PLACE in AUGUST.

It's a glorious day, my friends! The W Flag is flying as a beacon of hope on California Street tonight in Dundee.

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Oh jesus. I hope the rest of Omaha doesn't know about this. I would hate to see another 2003. Ya know, every sports bar filled with bandwagon D-bags wearing their newly purchased Cub merchandise.
This post could have very well been the death of the Cubs. Nice sweep by the Astro's.
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